Shed for sale

Shed and metal frame

Sale of industrial shed and workshop

metal shed

20 meters wide

The length of the shed is 48m

The height from the side is 7meters

This production shed is in Pars Sole Industrial Factory

The sheet type of this structure is steel with grade st37,

the structure has complete accessories and tools The distance between the columns is 6 meters

This industrial shed has 12 columns of 6 meters and 12 frames.

This shed has two slopes with a 20% slope.

Loading and structural calculations of this shed are done in SAP2000 software with LRFD method

Snow load of 150 kilograms per square meter

Wind load of 130 kilometers per hourThe weight of the0 structure is 30 tons

 price of each is 980 dollars per ton

The structure has a perlin, braced windbreak, and Sagrod Along with the structure, implementation plans, installation plan, foundation plan and implementation and installation instructions are provided

Considering that all parts of this structure are made with screws Also, all the parts are numbered so that you can easily install and erect this structure The type of welding of the parts is done by welding under CO2 shielding gas This structure is built according to European regulations and European standards Loading is from Iran, Ardabil. The cost of installing and covering the roof is not seen in the above section The cost of covering the roof is calculated separately The roof covering includes galvanized color sheet with a thickness of 050 and It is glass wool and steel chicken netting, which costs 10 dollars per square meter Always contact us to buy a shed Ask us for a cheaper purchase from Türkiye and China www.instagram.com/parsais

The delivery time of this shed after placing the order

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